Haunted House

One of the characters at my daughter’s school during the haunted house.

My daughter’s school organizes a haunted house every Halloween. There is even an elective class dedicated to converting the entire school into haunted house, which my fiancé helped out in. The students run the show. Along with older kids and teachers, the students dress up in costume to scare people throughout haunted house. 

I was at the end of our group and kept getting followed by monsters, zombies mostly. I could hear the kids screaming ahead as monsters walked out of the walls to scare them. There was even a guy with a chainsaw, who chased people.

My daughter wanted to again and again. But, at $7 per walk through, we had to say no. She’s hooked though. She says she can’t wait until next year.


4 thoughts on “Haunted House

    1. Young Kwak Post author

      She has always liked ghost stories. One of her all time favorite movies is “The Others”. She also likes movies that have a paranormal theme. We used to have to watch “Signs” over and over again.


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