iPad Air Encrypted Backup Issue


One of the things I like to do with my iOS devices is to do an encrypted backup. So, when I bought an iPad Air, I thought I would just be able to use an encrypted backup from my iPad Mini. I had to actually restore from that backup twice as I crashed once.

The iPad seemed slow, like the Mini, for some reason. Then, I noticed that there was 5GB of “other”, which initially showed up on the Camera Roll, then on “other”. There was less than 500MB in the Photos app and nothing in the Camera Roll. I tried deleting different files to get rid of the 5GB of “other” and even reset my settings. Nothing worked.

After playing with that for a little while, I decided that a clean install would be the best route. The only issue with a clean install is that none of my app settings would be saved. That meant all of my IPTC templates, photo workflow automations and export settings from various apps would have to be recreated or copied from the existing app taking a lot of time. But, I felt more strongly about having a smooth working device than anything else.

An hour later, I had a very fast and smooth running iPad Air. It took about that long to restore all of my photo app settings. The dreaded 5GB of “other” also went away. So, for the future, I will probably not rely on encrypted backups. A clean install of all my apps and settings will probably be a lot better than using existing data. Time consuming? Yes. But, the results are much more worth it.



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