Inlander Dining Out Photos


This past week, I had the opportunity to photograph the cover and story leads for the Inlander’s dining out issue, annual guide to eating in the inland northwest. With art direction by Chris Bovey, we went with a consistent look that provided an opportunity for me to photograph really clean dishes in a minimal environment.

I used two lights, horizontally facing perpendicular to the camera and slightly at a vertical angle to illuminate the food. Both lights used the same power. I also photographed with my 50mm lens at f/2, in order to get as much blur as possible to create a pleasant look and make certain parts of each dish the focal point. Color backgrounds were picked based on colors that either complemented or contrasted the food being photographed.

Two of the items, the pasta and sushi, were brought to the Inlander’s studio to be photographed. The other two items had to be photographed on location. This meant that I had to control the lighting for the camera out on location to replicate conditions at the studio. I shot with plenty of power at the office. So, I really didn’t have to make too many adjustments on location. It was mostly moving the lights closer to the food to eliminate as much light leak from the environment.

To read the stories for which the food was photographed, go to:

DO_1_10-9-2014-2.indd DO_1_10-9-2014-2.indd DO_1_10-9-2014-2.indd



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