Pro/Backyard Style Wrestling Photos

Spokane Anarchy Wrestling’s Rook “Gladius” Kelly, left, kicks Spokane Anarchy Wrestling’s Jesse “Mad Man” Mannson in the

Spokane Anarchy Wrestling’s Rook “Gladius” Kelly, left, kicks Spokane Anarchy Wrestling’s Jesse “Mad Man” Mannson in the “battle royale” match during the Battle of Washington wrestling event, held at Swaxx, Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015, in Spokane, Wash. (Young Kwak/Pacific Northwest Inlander)

It’s been a few years since I covered backyard wrestling. SAW had matches indoors, recently, and I was there to take some photos. There are more photos at:


2 thoughts on “Pro/Backyard Style Wrestling Photos

  1. Jeremy

    SAW’s come a long way. They have a ring, a bigger roster and now an indoor venue. My first SAW show was WrestleRave V. In 2012, they took notice of my review show “Turnbuckle Talk” and when I was at WrestleRave VI, Too Hott 2 Handle & the last Xperience of 2012, I actually interacted with the wrestlers, managers & SAW management and they were giving me great feedback on my show. 2013, I got to work in the company as a ref. Sure, I was green when I first started reffing, but after some coaching from Corporal and Jaxson Bourne, I improved a lot and became a much better ref. Then, last year, at WrestleRave VIII, they asked me to be a ref again. I even gave some tips of my own to a new guy who was being a referee for the first time and was a little nervous. It was a great experience and I learned a lot more about how pro wrestling works. Having taken a few bumps, I now know what it’s like for the refs, when I watch wrestling on tv and online, when they take a bump. It’s amazing to be in the ring during a match and then watch the video playback and see the match from a fan’s perspective.

    1. Young Kwak Post author

      I remember covering WrestleRave in 2010 in a backyard. I agree that the SAW event I covered more recently was very different, with a ring, venues and all. I am glad to see that the group got reorganized and is moving forward.


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