TBT – Jedediah The Pilot


(Left to right) Jason Overdorff, Travis Singleton and Bryan Nelson of the band Jedediah The Pilot pose for a photograph in front of Ruby St. Antiques, Saturday, June 28, 2008, in Spokane, Wash. (Young Kwak Special to the Pacific Northwest Inlander)

Here’s a throwback photo from 8 years ago for the Inlander of some of the members of the metal band Jedediah the Pilot at the now closed Ruby Street Antiques. Band member Aaron Ruff was on sabbatical from the band until August, 2008 and was not photographed.  We took some time looking around to find a good spot to photograph. There was a lot of interesting antiques that could have created an interesting scene. We used a few items for photos. But, the star and the two figures on either side made for the most interesting texture.


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