Malika Halvorson


12 year old Malika Halvorson poses for a photograph at Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane, Wash., Friday, June 24, 2016. Halvorson, who has passed the required exams, is trying to enroll at the college but is being denied. (Young Kwak/Pacific Northwest Inlander)

12 year old Malika Halvorson passed the tests to take classes at Spokane Falls Community College. She was denied admission. But, this week, the school will allow her to take one class to see how things go. Photo for the Inlander. Here is the current story Here is the original story from last week


2 thoughts on “Malika Halvorson

  1. Tilly

    When I was 14 I had to get special permission to take classes at our local community college because they had a minimum age of 15 for admission. I do understand the reasoning because putting someone less than that in a setting with students typically 18 and older can be risky. They are trying to keep the student safe, more so than discriminating against them. I suppose as long as the colleges are not held responsible or liable for that students safety, say have the parents sign a legal waiver disallowing the school from any legal action against them, they could allow the student to attend. Expecting the school to make concessions for younger students will only result in higher tuition for everyone which isn’t fair to the rest.

    1. Young Kwak Post author

      Safety is one thing that was a concern. So, they are letting her take a class to see how it goes. I don’t think college is for most younger teenagers and in this case, pre-teens. But, this case seems to be the exception.


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