Leo Carrillo State Park

Leo Carrillo Rock Garden I 080307

(Young Kwak)

Here’s a photo from Leo Carrillo State Park in California in 2007.

I picked Ilford PanF, a very finely grained slow film rated at ISO 50 by Ilford, and exposed it at EI 20 exposed using a Canon EOS Elan 7e with a 17-40 f/4 lens. This was probably at closer to the 17mm range. I added a red 25A filter to add contrast and achieve a darkened sky. The exposure as metered using my Minolta Flashmeter IV with the Viewfinder 5 degree and came up with 3 seconds at f/22 between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. The actual exposure was 6 seconds at f/19 to take into account the reciprocity failure of the film. The film was developed in HC-110, dilution H (1:63 from the syrup) for 7 minutes with normal agitation.

The negative appeared a little flat but showed its full range of tones and contrast once scanned. The negative was then scanned in an Epson 4490 using a 1.8 gamma and adjusted for contrast using curves, dodging and burning in Photoshop CS.


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