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Foggy Spokane


(Young Kwak)

Spokane this morning as the fog lifted and steam came off the Spokane River.


Newman Lake Winter


(Young Kwak)

Just remember that as we suffer through a short heat wave this week in eastern Washington, slightly cooler weather is just around the corner. Photo at Newman Lake, WA this past winter.

Fog Lifting On The Way To Thanksgiving Dinner

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The edge of the fog.

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Normally, the drive between Spokane and Chewelah, WA, which we take every year for Thanksgiving, is uneventful. If it is sunny in Spokane, it will probably be the same up north. There were a few patches as we drove through Spokane, but up north it was pretty clear most of the way up. But, fog draped the valley just south of Chewelah. As we drove closer to town, the fog was lifting and I saw some sunlight at the edge.