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Green Beans Finally Growing Vines

(Young Kwak)

The green beans are finally starting to grow vines.


Garlic Harvest

We have garlic #gardening

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I harvested our garlic today. The outer leaves were dying and some were bent over. So, I knew it was time. After a month or two of curing, they should be very flavorful. While not as large as the garlic I can buy at the store, the flavors will be much more intense.

Tomato Fail


The growing season is over. The harvest of most of our garden was modest this year. The green beans did great. The tomatoes? Well, they didn’t do so great. Maybe it was he spot where we planted. It is quite possible there wasn’t enough sun. We rotate every year and there is a spot that really gets poor sun. Guess where the tomatoes ended up.

The tomatoes in the photos above have been ripening for a month now. So, they aren’t going to make it before the serious frost begins. Lesson learned. We will prioritize planting for our tomatoes and try to keep them in better sun, even if it means only a partial rotation.

The Funny Carrot


It doesn’t matter what the food looks like. I just harvested our carrots and found all sorts of shapes and sizes. My family got a good laugh out of the stubby one, in the front in the photo above. It’s my favorite carrot from the garden this year. Maybe it’s because it resembles my belly.

Then, I thought about all of the produce that might not make it to the grocery stores because of their size or shape. The grocery store produce generally has the perfect look.

I took pause at how many more people could be fed, if all the weird sized and shaped produce was made available for us to buy and eat. Would we ignore the weird looking produce? It makes me think.