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3 Ninjas storefront


A banh mi is photographed at 3 Ninjas in Spokane, Wash., Thursday, Dec. 20, 2018. (Young Kwak/The Inlander)

Banh mi at 3 Ninjas’s storefront in Spokane, WA. Photo for the Inlander. https://www.inlander.com/spokane/3ninjas-expands-its-asian-fusion-food-truck-and-catering-business-with-a-tiny-storefront-in-kendall-yards/Content?oid=15661166


T.B.R. Panini-Garland Sandwich Shoppe


The T.B.R. panini sandwich is photographed at Garland Sandwich Shoppe in Spokane, Wash., Thursday, July 12, 2018. (Young Kwak/The Inlander)

T.B.R. panini sandwich at Garland Sandwich Shoppe in Spokane, WA. Photo for the Inlander’s cheap eats story about eating out for $20 or less a day. https://www.inlander.com/spokane/three-meals-in-one-spokane-day-for-under-20/Content?oid=10961963

Hooligan and Hannigan-O’Doherty’s


A Hooligan & Hannigan is photographed at O’Doherty’s Irish Grille in Spokane, Wash., Wednesday, March 7, 2018. (Young Kwak/The Inlander)

Here’s a photo for the Inlander of a Hooligan and Hannigan, a Reuben sandwich, at O’Doherty’s Irish Grille in Spokane, WA. https://www.inlander.com/spokane/the-reuben-sandwich-is-an-american-invention-with-many-cultural-connections-heres-where-to-eat-one-in-the-inland-northwest/Content?oid=8684212

Cheap Eats


The Hawaiian from Smacky’s on Broadway is photographed at the Inlander office in Spokane, Wash., Thursday, July 7, 2016. (Young Kwak/Pacific Northwest Inlander)

Here’s a photo of The Hawaiian sandwich from Smacky’s on Broadway for The Inlander cheap eats issue. The theme this year was utensils, including foods that can be eaten hand held, as shown above. http://www.inlander.com/spokane/cheap-eats-guide/Category?oid=2331142